Red Dog Casino Offers No Deposit Codes for US Players

Red Dog for US Players

One issue that many US players encounter with online casinos is the restrictions placed on their area codes. Most US players can't play with the major casinos that have dominated the digital sphere for years. Luckily, a newcomer to the industry - Red Dog Casino - has made great strides to offer services to players looking for a good time. Red Dog has quickly risen in popularity from their access to players and no deposit fees. But are they as good as the hype suggests?

We embarked on this review of Red Dog to see if they truly were the best option for both US players and international users. We looked at their starting bonus and no deposit bonuses and promotions, their collection of games, their withdrawal and banking options, and everything they had to offer to see if they truly lived up to the hype. While Red Dog Casino is new, only established in 2019, they do have a lot to offer and a ton of features for us to look at.

Gaming Collection at Red Dog Casino

One thing that we really enjoyed about Red Dog Casino's service was their practice mode. This enabled player to play some games for free with no deposit to get a feel for what they had to offer. The overall amount of games available was rather low which is to be expected from a service so new. Many of the larger online casinos have built up their collection of games over the years they've been active so it makes sense that Red Dog doesn't have the largest library.

The games that were featured were all the classics and favorites. They bring every style game typically found from online casinos and let players take a swing at them. No deposit will be wasted with the fun and quality that these games provide players. Many of the games on tap at Red Dog Casino are re-skins of classics, but they offer a new flavor that you may have been missing. Players will love these games, though there aren't too many to choose from.

Even on their mobile platform, the games function well. Their mobile app might even be a better experience than their online presence. No deposit fees are applicable to the phone as well which is nice to see, especially from a young casino like them. For anyone looking for a great collection of mobile casino games for players with no deposit fees, Red Dog is a fantastic place to get started.

Red Dog Casino's Appeal to US Players

If you're based out of the United States, then you're aware of how many online casinos aren't allowed to operate in your area. US players often struggle to find a quality online casino to call home. Red Dog Casino has specifically catered their services to US players to give them a place to play. US players have access to all of the classics found on other websites, but aren't restricted this time. For players, this no deposit fee service that Red Dog Casino offers is quite appealing.

US players don't typically get to experience many online casinos so it's important for the ones they do have to do their operations right. Luckily, Red Dog is a fantastic casino for US players looking for a home. For anyone else who is not a US player, their services are still offered across the ponds. Our casino is based out of Curacao and runs their operations online to US players and across the globe. They're one of the most accessible online casinos.

Red Dog Casino Table Games

Bonus Promotions and Loyalty Options

The first deposit bonuses they offer to players are some of the most exciting we've seen. We were shocked to see the bonuses they offered from startup bonuses to matched deposit required options later on. Red Dog offers a 225% deposit match when you first sign up which is amazing for a young casino like them. There are no deposit fees which allows you to earn the full 225% after your first deposit so you can start playing as soon as you register.

After you've been playing for a while, you could become eligible for some of their promotions that require a matched deposit. These promotions include perk points which you win while playing. There is no deposit necessary and every 100 points you earn, you can turn into $1 which builds up quickly. Even players who are returning are eligible for a price match. This is up to 185% on your first deposit which is subject to no deposit fees.

Easy and Secure Banking

Red Dog Casino does a fantastic job at keeping your money safe. One thing that some online casinos struggle with is their security measure which is a shame as they are directly handling your personal money. With Red Dog, your money is secure and the games are certified fair so you know you're not being scammed out of your wallet. Even starting up is penniless besides the amount you put in as there are no deposit fees. US players finally have a fair online casino to come to.

Banking is simple with them as they allow for almost any bank to deposit and withdraw. Players can even use services such as PayPal, each with no fees added. Red Dog is a relative newcomer and therefore doesn't have as many options as larger services which is a drawback, but the banking they do offer is simple and easy to use. While there's no fees, there are withdrawal fees which are common for all online casinos.

Software: RTG
License: Curacao
Established: 2019
Payment Methods: Visa Mastercard Bitcoin
Games: 300+ Games

225% Match Bonus up to $100


Pros and Cons


  • Accepts US players
  • Few fees for deposits
  • Large Red Dog Casino sign up bonus


  • Not many banking options for players
  • Smaller game library

Red Dog Casino US Players Bonus Offers

Final Thoughts on Red Dog Casino

From a few deposit fees to access from US players, Red Dog Casino has you covered. Their games allow players to experience what many online casinos offer and their first deposit bonuses offer an affordable playing experience. Red Dog Casino is a great low fee casino for players to start their online experience with. First deposit required bonuses will help support you as you continue to play.

US players and international users will waste no deposit with Red Dog Casino as their games are fun and fresh. Players even have the chance to play Red Dog Casino games with no deposit by using their practice service. We highly recommend Red Dog Casino to any players looking for a no deposit fee online home. Players will love their services and everyone benefits from the many promotions and bonuses they offer.